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Accelerated possession timescales

28 May 2022 | 4 comments

Hi Guildy,

How long are accelerated possession orders taking to obtain these days? Is there still a backlog of cases?




  1. guildy

    We’re not aware of any significant backlogs anymore, although it may take a week or two longer than usual.

    We just issued a claim (standard, not accelerated), and the hearing was scheduled within six weeks, which is back to standard timescales and a good indicator.

  2. Tony54

    If I had to make a claim for repossession using Section 8 on the grounds of wanting to live in the property, (tenant having been given this notice in the TA:

    The Landlord (or, in the case of joint Landlords, at least one of them) has occupied the Property as his only or principal home and may require the Premises as his or his spouse’s only or principal home. The Landlord hereby gives notice that possession of the Property may be recovered on Ground 1 in Schedule 2 to the Housing Act 1988)

    Would it make any difference if I had another property available to live in?

    I can use Section 21 at present, but just looking ahead to a world post S21.

    (Property in England).

  3. guildy

    As you say, for the time being, it is irrelevant because you would use section 21.

    It is undoubtedly a ground that may get more use if it applies should section 21 be abolished. But, the talk is that the grounds will be amended and added to, so we will need to see the changes before we know how a new regime will work in practice.

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