Duty to Provide Name and Address of Landlord (England)

Address of Landlord on s21

25 May 2017 | 4 comments

Does the address have to be in England, or can it be in Australia, which is the case…
if has to be in UK can it a c/o address in the UK



  1. eden2011

    Plus can it be emailed, is that ok nowadays in terms of service

  2. guildy

    The law requires the landlord to have provided the tenant with an address in England or Wales where notices will be accepted by the landlord. This is normally provided in the tenancy agreement.

    The section 21 should contain the same address (in England or Wales) so everything matches.

    The address is not a c/o address – it’s simply the address where notices will be accepted. Commonly, the address used is a managing agents address when the landlord lives abroad (but doesn’t have to be as long as an address is provided).

    I would never risk emailing such an important document (but a copy could be sent by email). The only time it could possibly be acceptable is if the terms of the tenancy specifically provide email as deemed service. Otherwise, the tenancy terms need to be followed (usually post or hand delivery).

  3. eden2011

    But what if the lanldord cant orovide a UK address whatsoever?

    • guildy

      Then the tenant will owe no rent. The penalty for failing to supply an address in England or Wales is that no rent is payable by the tenant until such an address is supplied.

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