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ASB Section 8 and lodger agreement

8 Mar 2018 | 1 comment

Tenant is a lodger and was arrested for assault on LL, she is s lodger and as always advised its best to get a court order, section 8 is for protected tenants correct? so what type of notice should be served as ground 14 is part of s8. Can a normal non-protected tenant notice be served and then a claim submitted the same as for section 8 asb? dont want the claim to fail because wrong notice was served


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  1. guildy

    Section 8 is not appropriate for a lodger.

    You should check the terms of the lodger agreement as that will outline what notice is needed under what circumstances. A breach of the agreement may allow for less notice than where there’s no breach.

    The notice will likely be just in the form of a letter and after expiry, a court order can be sought.

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