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Asking the managing agent for tenant’s details.

27 Nov 2021 | 1 comment

Hello. Just a quick question – Do landlords have the right to ask the managing agent for the contact details of their tenant so that they can contact the tenant direct?

We have a tenant who has handed in their notice with no reason, according to the agents, but we suspect that there is a reason but that the agent doesn’t want to tell us.  We would therefore like to contact the tenants direct.

Many thanks



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  1. guildy

    In our view, yes, you are absolutely entitled to this information.

    They will no doubt sight data protection, but we believe that would be wrong. The data is your data. They’re your tenants, not the agents. The agent is nothing more than that … an agent. Their only job is to follow your instructions (within the bounds of any management agreement and the law).

    The only thing they might require is that you are registered for data protection, which you would need for you to hold the tenant’s data.

    If not already, see here for a very quick check to see if you require registration.

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