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Assured Tenancy – Renting Homes Act (Wales)

2 May 2022 | 2 comments

I have an Assured Tenancy.  Formerly a Rent Act protected ( or Regulated) tenancy which was passed from parent to child to create an Assured Tenancy.

How do I deal with this under the under the Rent Homes Act (Wales) ?

It seems that only Assured Shorthold tenancies can be converted ?

Thank you




  1. guildy

    This will convert to a periodic standard occupation contract, but the section 173 notice (no reason) is not available.

    Otherwise, it’s the same as all other occupation contracts.

    Now we know somebody has an assured tenancy, we will see if we can produce an agreement in time before 15 July (you’ll want to sign them up for a new contract before the start), but we still have lots to do to get ready, so we can’t promise we will do this just yet,

    Please see here for details about getting ready.

  2. 1927

    Thank you , this is very helpful

    It would be wonderful if you were able to produce a suitable agreement before the 15 July

    (I guess it is not relevant, but my Assured Tenancy is not in writing – it is merely verbal )

    Thanks again

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