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C02 Alarms

12 Sep 2022 | 4 comments

HI Guildy,

I have read conflicting information, we have a number of gas boilers in kitchens. Am I right in that we install a Co2 alarm in a kitchen (there is conflicting information that says not as the steam etc can effect the alarm)

We also have one property with the boiler in a cupboard in a bathroom – should we install an alarm there also?



  1. guildy

    Yes, it would be needed in the kitchen. The only time it’s not required in the kitchen is if there’s only a gas cooker and no other fixed combustion appliance.

    A bathroom or lavatory is to be treated as a room used as living accommodation, so a CO alarm is needed if the boiler is in a bathroom or toilet.

  2. Openhouse

    Thank you very much, just for confirmation gas cooker or gas hob is not required?

  3. guildy

    Although not defined in the regulations, the guidance says:

    Gas cooker refers to any apparatus heated by gas and used for cooking food.

    This would therefore include both a cooker and hob in our view.

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