Landlord Wants Tenant to Leave (England)

can i use a form 6a section 21 for a tenancy that started in 2014?

22 Jan 2017 | 4 comments

Can I use form 6a to issue section 21 for a tenancy that started in 2014? As this form is easier!



  1. guildy

    We would prefer not because it doesn’t contain a “saving clause”. This means if the date is wrong by even one day, it could be held invalid. Our old style notice is easier in our view because you don’t even have to put an expiry date! (Just the date you are serving it).

    • Openhouse

      Thank you very much. I take it I just service the notice with no covering letter? As I will actually give it to the tenant, what is the best way to get her to sign to say she has received the notice?

  2. guildy

    You should follow the guidance produced by our wizard (no covering letter).

    You could take two copies and ask the tenant to sign both then you can retain one. However, if the tenant won’t sign, don’t worry, just leave it there and post a copy obtaining a free of charge proof of postage.

    • Openhouse

      Thank you very much for your help! Much appreciated.

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