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Can tenants refuse access for viewings in their last month?

20 May 2022 | 2 comments

Tenants are moving into another property but have said they’d rather not have anyone in for viewings until they have vacated. Do they have the right to say this? Your agreement states we can conduct viewings in the final month. Can they be held to this? The landlord will otherwise probably try to claim from their deposit for potential

lost earnings.




  1. guildy

    A tenant always has the right to refuse all persons, including the landlord.

    However, to do so would be a breach of the tenancy, and a claim can be made.

    Our term includes claiming “potential rent” after a refusal for a viewing. However, in reality, this is very difficult to prove because who knows if you would have let it during the month before they leave?

    That being said, you can certainly point out the term to them and hopefully negotiate.

    We say that we will only attend at specific times each weekday and nothing at the weekend (for example, 4.30 pm Monday, Wednesday and Fridays) until let. That seems to work because they can ensure they are out for those specified times. (It’s also easier for us, and we’re not constantly attending the property).

  2. NorthumbiaPropertyManagement

    For viewings I ask for 2 days 10:00-14:00 a week day and a weekend day. I offer £25 per day for the hassle. I also explain the house needs to be presentable.

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