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Can’t prove documents were given

5 Feb 2018 | 1 comment

I have a tenant on an AST, we are going to try to evict her BUT when we granted her the tenancy we didn’t have a document checklist for her to sign to prove we have given her the relevant information.

Where do we stand and would we still be successful? We are going to evict her because she owes over £1000.00 in rent, none contact, refusing workman entry and suspected drug use reported by the tenant above.



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  1. guildy

    We have spoken on phone but briefly for the benefit of others:

    Advised to resend all documents at least four days before the section 21 is served along with a covering letter and obtain some proof of service (such as proof of postage).

    Also, as the tenant is 8 weeks in arrears, the section 8 can be used whereby the documents don’t matter.

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