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Carers give live-in support to relative in exchange for room

18 Mar 2017 | 1 comment

An elderly relative of mine has recently come to the stage in his life where he needs some extra support to maintain his independence in his own house.
Recently he recruited a young couple to live in his house (they have their own bedroom and bathroom but share the kitchen) and provide him care in lieu of rent. There is no contract about the care in lieu of the rent agreement.
My question is:
Is it necessary/possible for my relative to draw up an agreement to prevent a “worst case scenario” for the executors of his estate i.e. that when he eventually dies and his carers, now living in his house, might decide to refuse to move out?


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  1. guildy

    As things currently stand, they are simply lodgers so not a problem but as you say, there could potentially be a problem upon death. The worst case scenario would be they become assured shorthold tenants although that wouldn’t be likely if no rent was payable (after the death).

    This is ideally something that would be best incorporated somehow via the family solicitor in respect of the general affairs including the will.

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