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chimney sweeping responsibility

8 Mar 2017 | 2 comments

The cottage we rent out has a wood burner. In the management rules we state that the chimney is the responsibility of the tenant and must be swept and paid for once a year. Does this fall within the Fire safety and maintenance (no 75) rule in the contractual tenancy agreement as we are struggling to ensure that this is achieved?



  1. guildy

    I think that would be reasonable to say that it does fall under the fire safety section.

    However, I’m not sure how that helps as you’ve already made it a term in the management regulations so having another term doesn’t really make any difference.

    You could tell them that if they don’t send you a receipt for the works being completed within 14 days, you will arrange for it to be done and they will be liable to pay you the money. You could then take it from the deposit at the end. Alternatively, you could simply serve them a possession notice and get a better tenant in the property.

    Just whilst on, please ensure there is a carbon monoxide alarm in the room where the burner is located. It is a legal requirement for all rooms with a “solid fuel appliance” from 1 October 2015. I’m sure you have done this, just thought would mention as they’re not that common.

  2. barker

    Thank you for your response guildy. Yes, we had a carbon monoxide alarm fitted when the burner went in. Regards.

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