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Cohabiting with a rent paying sharer

30 Sep 2017 | 4 comments

My daughter is planning to cohabit with a boyfriend, who will pay rent, I have an interest in the property so require a formal tenancy agreement to be in-place before he becomes resident, which agreement would be most suitable. Is a deposit required to be taken, none is planned? Will all the additional statuary letting documents and certificates be required to be served when letting a room in a “private” property?
Thanks Graham



  1. guildy

    We assume you mean that you are planning a joint tenancy with the two names on?

    On that assumption, you will want a regular assured shorthold tenancy. You can get one from our builder. Under the deposit options, you can choose that there is no deposit to get a suitable agreement.

    You will need to provide all the statutory documents. Everything is built into the produced tenancy agreement except you will need to add in the energy performance certificate and gas safety record.

  2. Grahamu900

    My apologise for not being clearer, the property is owned on a mortgage in my daughters name and she lives in the property, bank of dad has supplied a large deposit. I wish to protect my daughters interest by insisting the boy moves in with an rental agreement in place, should things not work out. I have just found your “Excluded Licence Lodger Agreement” will this document suffice for our purpose? Also what additional documentation if any will be required?

  3. guildy

    Yes, that would be the relevant agreement for a lodger scenario. Your daughter should be named as the landlord (licensor) and sign the agreement as such in order to use that agreement. No other documentation is required for that one.

    Not sure how appropriate that agreement is for a boyfriend though! I suppose if paying for staying, it makes it a little more appropriate.

    • Grahamu900

      Many thanks
      Have a good evening

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