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Gas Safety (England)

Combi Boiler Illegal?

4 May 2017 | 4 comments

Hi – one of our rental properties is an old terraced cottage and the gas boiler is in the bathroom, always has been. It was replaced about 2 years ago by an authorised installer.
I’ve just had the electrics for the house checked and certified and the electrician has told me that it’s illegal to have the boiler where it is – is he correct? It would be a massive upheaval if it had to be moved.



  1. guildy

    If it’s been installed by a gas safe register engineer, we see no reason why it should be wrong.

    We would trust a gas engineer who fits boilers for a living over an electrician who doesn’t.

    Perhaps ask the electrician under what legislation it’s unlawful. They usually go quiet upon that question!

    As long as you keep getting gas safety records for the boiler, we don’t see what more would be needed.

    We have boilers in some bathrooms too (although not been installed in a bathroom for many years).

  2. 489

    It could be that the electrician was referring to the control panel. Switched devices are not generally allowed in bathrooms except for pull operated and electric razor sockets. The control panel can be remote from the boiler, of course.

  3. JungleProperty

    We have worked with ‘many’ different gas engineers over the years and in theory they all follow the same installation instructions, same standards and same regulations and all are registered with Gas Safe (Corgi as it was before) but the adherence to the standards varies significantly – could write.a book on this topic but if you are concerned for what little it costs I would get a different unrelated engineer to to carry out a new gas safety check and see what comes out (if anything).

  4. davidhickman

    Here you go… if a room sealed boiler (modern combi/condensing to you and me) is installed in a room with a bath or shower, any electrical switches and electrical boiler controls using mains power supply must be placed where they cannot be reached by a person in the bath or shower. Referred to as Zone 1. Also the supply to the boiler must be by a fused spur/box and not through a three pin plug.

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