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Council Tax Cardiff

18 Sep 2016 | 1 comment

I’ve been asked by Cardiff Council for a list of all tenants over 18 of a house in Cardiff that we have owned since June 2014 . We’ve also been asked for forwarding addresses, where known. The reason given for the enquiry is ‘to make sure our liability for tax is assessed properly’.
We pay the Council Tax and have not been asked to provide personal data before.
I’d be interested to know if other Guild members have been asked to do this. Indeed, is the Council entitled to ask for personal data about tenants? If members have responded has this led to a change in Council Tax?
Thank you.
Marion Huckle


1 Comment

  1. guildy

    If it’s a formal request under an Act (the name just escapes me but I know it when I hear it) and it’s normally on blue paper, then you must supply the details requested on the form.

    If it’s an informal request, it might be optional but they could just serve the blue form and get the information anyway so it’s probably just as well to provide the details anyway. As you’re paying anyway, I don’t see what harm can come of it.

    If it’s informal, you could in the first instance contact them and explain that you always pay the council tax as it might just be a standard letter going out to a lot of people without checking who necessarily pays.

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