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Council Tax (England)

Council tax exempt?

14 Jun 2020 | 3 comments

We have a empty property that had just started to be be renovated before the corona lockdown. It has been gutted and is now without a kitchen or flooring and therefore uninhabitable and we cannot get any further works done (labour or materials) due to the lockdown.

Can we apply for a council tax exemption under Class D as it is “undergoing major repair work to render it habitable” 




  1. Imported

    27/04/2020 8:22 pm

    We believe you would likely be entitled.

    The crucial thing is there must be “structural” works rendering the property uninhabitable.

    We made a claim which went to appeal many many years ago which we lost. It was very similar and the tribunal held despite there being no kitchen, no bathroom, no heating etc. this wasn’t “structural”. Furthermore, they said although it was clearly uninhabitable, it was our choice to do all these works at once. People have new kitchens fitted, new bathrooms and new heating – all whilst living in the property and that alone doesn’t render it uninhabitable.

    However, your current situation is different in our view. The fact is that it’s now uninhabitable through no choice of yours.

    Just make sure when applying there is some element of “structural alteration”.

    There’s no loss in applying in any event.

    Applications can usually e made online with relative ease.


  2. Imported

    04/05/2020 4:14 pm

    i have applied for a discount as you suggested and the council replied the below. Can you confirm if that is correct having previously had to correct the council on their own rules with the guilds help.

    “Please note as from 1st April 2013 there have been some changes in council tax as detailed below;

    Properties that are unoccupied and substantially unfurnished were previously awarded a 6 month exemption of 100%. This has been stopped and replaced by a local discount of 0%. Also furnished second home properties previously received a 10% discount and again this has been stopped and replaced with 0% local discount. Please also note that the 100% Local Discount for properties requiring works which was previously granted for a maximum of twelve months was replaced by a 0% discount form 1st April 2017”


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