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Delaying eviction

9 Jul 2021 | 3 comments


We have contacted the bailiffs and they have confirmed that a warrant for possession has now been issued (possession obtained under s21 prior to COVID). It is possible for landlords to delay the eviction, or do we need to start the process again if we do not accept the eviction date given?  We are considering current options, and a delayed eviction may be the best outcome if the tenant keeps to their word. We don’t want to go back to square one if not though, so may be better cutting our losses and taking possession when it is available.



  1. guildy

    We would generally say if it’s got to that point, better to keep going and get it finished.

    However, it can be delayed if you wish (the bailiff might be happy due to national backlogs). Once an order has been given by the court, there is six years to enforce the order.

    That being said, whilst the order has not been enforced there is a remote possibility a tenant could appeal the original decision for some technicality that may not have been thought of.

  2. alison

    Thank you for your response. Sorry – I realise that in the first sentence I said ‘warrant for possession’. I meant warrant for eviction. Just wanted to clarify. I have been given the warrant number, and name and telephone number of the bailiff it has been assigned to, but the bailiff couldn’t confirm the eviction date due to current backlogs.

    I assume that the 6 years is from the date that possession was granted under the s21 notice? Can the warrant for eviction technically be suspended for any period up 6 years from date of the Court Order giving possession under s21 (granted January 2018)

  3. guildy

    We would speak with the bailiff if you’re wanting to delay and simply ask them to not do anything until you get back in touch. This will have the same effect of it being suspended (not that we’re aware of any formal way of suspending, other than not acting on the order until ready).

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