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Deposit Dispute!

19 Jun 2020 | 1 comment

Hi, I have a tenant and landlord who are disputing deductions at the end of the tenancy, based on a check out report and inventory completed by a third party. The tenant asked me to send them all signed documentation and the original inventory, check out and mid term reports (which I have) they will not communicate with me to see if we can come to an agreement, so I suggested will allow the DPS to decide via the resolution service. They have now emailed me to ask for all emails they have sent me throughout the tenancy and my replies. As this is something they would have access to, do I need to send them, as it will take me a while! Many thanks for any support


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  1. Imported

    11/06/2020 2:17 pm

    From what you describe, we can’t see why should have to do that. What do all those emails have to with the condition of the property now compared to the beginning of the tenancy?

    Where a tenant is uncooperative, you can instigate the dispute resolution yourself (and the scheme will then determine what documents are needed). Ultimately, if the tenant becomes wholly uncooperative, a single claim may be possible (this just depends on the type of scheme).


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