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Information To Provide At Renewal

14 Dec 2016 | 3 comments

Last year I used an agency to find a tenant. The AST started on 11th December 2015 and ended on 10th December 2016, so is now periodic. The agency originally protected the deposit and have now unprotected it and passed it to me, as the AST has come to an end. I have protected it with My Deposits, giving them the above information and it is protected as a Periodic Tenancy. I will issue the new certificate, Prescribed Information and Information for Tenants, do I need to do anything else?



  1. cbrooks

    PS I forgot to mention there is a Guarantor. Do I need to do anything regarding the Guarantor?

    • guildy

      None of below need providing to guarantor

  2. guildy

    This depends on what the agency provided although I would be tempted to disregard that and play it safe by sending all information again even if unnecessary.

    The information to provide is as follows:

    • EPC
    • Current gas safety
    • How to rent guide (this is particularly important because at a renewal the latest version must be given if it has changed since their last tenancy – it changed in February 2016)
    • Deposit prescribed information (but you’ve already done that from what you describe)

    Please see here for more information about all these items and the changes introduced October 2016.

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