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Electrical Safety and Electrical Goods (Wales)

Electrical Safety Certificate

10 Jun 2020 | 4 comments

We have a two bed house which is only ever occupied by two people in Wales and which does not require licensing. Can you please tell me how often an electrical inspection needs to take place and a certificate issued?

Also in licensed properties in Wales do you need to have an inspection done yearly or only when there is a tenant changeover – for instance if my tenants stay for two/three years do I need to have an inspection every year?

Thanks in anticipation of reply.



  1. Imported

    08/12/2018 2:07 pm
    Where the property is not an HMO (1 or 2 people sharing) then currently there is no requirement to have a mains electrical certificate. This is likely to change but no date is yet known.

    If the property is an HMO (3 or more people sharing, not all related), you must have an electrical safety check every 5 years.

    Please see here for full details.


  2. Imported

    Thank you for your reply. Regarding HMOs – as you say And electrical safety check is required every 5 years but if the tenancy changes would we need to do one every change over? Thanks again

    By 1291 09/12/2018 10:13 am

  3. Imported

    No, just every 5 years. A visual inspection is all that’s needed at each letting.


  4. lowriclement74

    Hello, you mention above that a mains electrical safety check certificate is not currently needed on private rented accommodation in Wales, but do you know yet if a date has been confirmed when this will become mandatory?

    Many thanks

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