Landlord Wants Tenant to Leave (England)

End of section 21 period

26 Jan 2018 | 2 comments

The tenant has been served a section 21 which is due to end on Monday . It is highly unlikely he will be moving out on the due date as he is being declared homeless and would lose that status for new accommodation if he left voluntarily . Can we serve a section 8 notice as a just in case he decides not to move then go for possession ,or do we just go for the accelerated possession which would then incur the court costs . Thanks



  1. guildy

    There’s probably no point serving a section 8 at this late stage but you could as a backup if you like.

    The cost for a court order based on the section 8 is the same as a section 21 so there’s no difference in that regard (an online section 8 claim is slightly cheaper but not worth waiting for the section 8 to expire in this case).

  2. eden2011

    Both incur court costs and s8 is slightly cheaper, but if all the conditions are met and the s21 is good to go and there is no prospect of actually recovering the arraers then s21 is the way to go

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