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End of tenancy cleaning/gardening etc costs total more than deposit

2 Oct 2020 | 1 comment

I shouldn’t be involved in this as the property is on a Let Only basis but the tenant and landlord don’t like each other. As I have the deposit protected with the DPS , they have asked me to deal with the deposit now the tenancy has ended.

The tenant moved out at the beginning of September but his notice ran until the end of the month. The landlord had permission from the tenant to clean the property during the last month in order to be able to do viewings there as he said he wouldn’t have time to do it himself.

In addition to the cleaning and gardening, she has had damage (caused during the tenancy) repaired to a table and cabinet as well as ordering a new damaged freezer compartment.

It is a big property, 4 bed bunaglow with large gardens.

Anyway, she has forwarded me all of the invoices which total £1420.75 but the deposit is only £1300.

Do I put in a request to withhold the total deposit and get the landlord to invoice the tenant herself for the remainder?

I’m about to send the invoices to the tenant who will no doubt kick off so I will make sure he corresponds by email so I have a record of everything. Plus, I don’t want to have a shouty man on the phone to me when it’s nothing to do with me!




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  1. guildy

    Yes, the deposit scheme will only deal with any amount in relation to the deposit. You would put all invoices in for the adjudication (if there’s no agreement) but the scheme will only award maximum the deposit. Anything over would have to be claimed directly by the landlord.

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