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Fire damage – costs not covered by insurance

2 Sep 2021 | 1 comment

Hi Guildy

Tenant has caused a fire in a top floor bedroom ( he admitted it was a candle he left burning ).

The repairs are being done via my insurance, but there are 2 costs that remain.

One being the excess and the other being for carpet ( and lino in the en-suite) which apparently are not covered under the buildings policy ( every day’s a school day )

Would either of these costs be recoverable from the tenant ( or more probably guarantor) under their obligation to take care as a tenant?  Both tenant and guarantor were signed using your AST + guarantor template dated April 2020.



1 Comment

  1. guildy

    We can see no issue with claiming as you suggest. They are genuine losses as a result of the tenant.

    It might be a different matter actually getting the money from them of course!

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