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‘First and last’ rent if no Guarantor?

2 Feb 2022 | 2 comments

Hi Guildy,

May I ask, is there any reason why landlords cannot/ should not request ‘first and last’ months rent, in place of guarantor but together with deposit of 5 weeks?  ….. This being just another possible option, primarily aimed at the increasingly large number of applicants in some areas who do not have access to a homeowner guarantor.



  1. guildy

    The definition of deposit is “any money held”.

    As you would be “holding” the last rent (until the last month of the tenancy), it would be deemed as a deposit and require protecting.

    If you want two months rent to begin with, you would have to ask for two months in the tenancy but, the rent wouldn’t be due again until two months time. For example, if moved in 1 Feb, two months paid would make the rent next due 1 April (as they would have paid 1 Feb + 1 March).

  2. bdixon

    Understood and appreciated

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