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Garage tenant as left but continues to pay rent

8 Nov 2021 | 4 comments

We keep getting a rent payment from a previous tenant and we have no way of contacting them or bank details to refund.

It’s causing a nuisance for accounts and could there be any money laundering implications in the future?




  1. guildy

    We don’t see any laundering issues as will be small amounts of money relatively speaking.

    Best we can suggest is to speak with your bank and see if they can either stop it going in or if they are able to communicate with the tenants bank.

  2. chaslawrence54

    I had a similar issue with a rental property (£750.00 per month) some years ago. Spoke to my bank and they put a stop on the payment

  3. weletgarages

    Banks arn’t being helpful.

    Thank you for your advice – we will persist.

  4. chaslawrence54

    Not sure whatr your turnover is, but it might be worth advising your bank that you intend to close your account and take your business elsewhere

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