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10 Jun 2020 | 1 comment

Hi guildy,

I use a local firm to carry out gas safety certificates and checks on 7 properties in that locality. The dates they are required are quite apart from each other i.e  April June and October.

I had a phone call reminding me that one was due on a property now in February and that they have looked at my portfolio and  could link all the properties together so as all the certificates could be done the same or next day in June 2020 if I have them all done now. I have questioned them this morning about the legality of this move as I was under the impression that by law gas safety certs are required every 12 months, as for instance, the one property isn’t due until June 2019, they want to do it this week and can then put an expiry date of June 2020, which means the next checks will be in 16 months time. And some of the other properties will receive checks in 14 months time.

Is this legal and valid please


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  1. Imported

    No, that is not right when they’re due so far away.

    A gas safety can be done anytime within 2 months of its next due date and retain the annual date.

    For example, as a coincidence I’m meeting our engineer today for keys to several properties and not only are some due now but also some are due end of April. One is due 20 April and if done today, it can have an expiry of 20 April 2020. However, your June one would have an expiry of today plus 12 months if it were done today.

    See this article for full details.


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