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Ending a Tenancy (England) | England | Landlord Wants Tenant to Leave (England)


23 Nov 2021 | 1 comment

Hi, I have a tenant in arrears and section 21 expires on 12/12/2021. Tenant is not going to leave, so LL will apply for a possession order, is there a letter template to a guarantor to again confirm arrears but that the tenant has been given notice, and that the landlord can seek court costs from the tenant/guarantor if needed? Really it’s to try and get the guarantor to get the tenant moved out before we need to apply for possession!


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  1. guildy

    We have a selection of templates for a guarantor although they are designed for rent arrears (you can choose arrears 1 or 2 letters from that list).

    You can modify the letter by adding your comments about the notice having being served and if a court order is required and the tenant is ordered to pays costs and tenant doesn’t pay, you would look to guarantor for payment.

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