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HMO rent late

14 Aug 2021 | 1 comment

Dear Guildy,

my tenant in HMO in London was due to pay rent yesterday 13/08/21 £600 but it has not arrived yet so is late, i thought i would get some feedback before i approach the tenant as this is not the first time, the last time, she said whats the problem im only a day late, it caused me to miss several out going payments from my bank account, also previously i asked as suggested what time is the rent liable to be paid today when i have been waiting, but she also did not like me asking, so i never done that this time. i have an AST from GRL.But i do not have a standing order in place with the tenant, i have read the notes on this subject on GRL website but would still appreciate any feedback to avoid this situation waiting to be paid only for it to not arrive both now and in the future. thankyou.


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  1. guildy

    You can certainly point out the rent has not arrived and perhaps use the tact of “maybe this is a mistake” on the part of the tenant and use it as a reminder in such early stages. One day could easily be from the banking side especially at a weekend.

    However, if it starts to get towards seven days, a formal letter could be sent and again speak with them.

    If it becomes unpaid beyond 14 days, get back in touch and it might be time to start serving formal notices.

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