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How do I download my Inventory (made from your Inventory template) in a format that can be used?

11 Feb 2022 | 1 comment

How can I download/send/save the inventory I have made based on your inventory template? I need it as a PDF or word document that i can attach/send as an email. Any suggestions? I am using a Mac.

At the moment I have saved it, but cannot do anything with it…



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  1. guildy

    Yes, that is easy.

    Step 1 is to add a tenancy to the inventory which acts as a folder for any activity (check-in, check out) for that tenancy. Then, add an activity to the tenancy.

    There is integrated digital signing when you add an activity (check-in or check out).

    To start, please see this help article for adding the tenancy and then the next page for the activity.

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