Changing the Rent (Wales)

How do I increase rent

24 Jul 2018 | 5 comments

Can anyone help with how I increase the rent please? It is a Assured Shorthold Tenancy which was for 6mths from Feb 2014. I’m thinking it has automatically switched to a statutory periodic tenancy now? Do I need to provide the tenant with a section 13 or a 4D form? Or can I just type a letter with my intent to increase the rent in 1 or 2 months time? The property is in Wales. Thank you in advance



  1. emmacarne

    Thank you. I have read this article already. I take from this that a general chat with the tenant then a letter will be legally sufficient?

  2. guildy

    A letter of confirmation is only suitable if they agree the rent increase during your discussions.

    If they don’t agree, use the section 13 notice.

    • emmacarne

      great. Thank you. Are there any legal statements I need to include or just clear?

  3. guildy

    No, just confirming any agreement made.

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