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We have now moved to our new websites - [England](https://england.landlordsguild.com) or [Wales](https://wales.landlordsguild.com)
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How do we remove tenants who are refusing to lave at end of notice period?

16 Mar 2018 | 1 comment

Have given 2 months and three weeks notice to tenants who are saying they will move out but only when they have found a suitable property elsewhere. We have furniture coming from Hong Kong in 6 weeks and the tenant is due to leave on 21st March. On a visit yesterday there was no sign of any packing being done in a 5 bedroom house. The tenants say they have nowhere to go. What can we do?


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  1. guildy

    Your only option is to obtain a court possession order if they haven’t left after the notice has expired.

    The form is fairly straightforward to complete and can be found here.

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