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How many copies of gas safety record for tenants?

6 Mar 2016 | 2 comments

The gas engineer issues a single tenant copy of the gas safety record, we give the copy to the tenants as part of the check-in and get one of the tenants to sign for the record. For existing tenants the engineer either hands the record to one of the tenants or leaves the one tenant copy in a prominent place.

Reading regulation 36 of the gas safety regs I think we should be providing a copy of the record to all tenants not just the one copy provided by the engineer so when Mr & Mrs Tenant move in to the property we should be giving them both a copy each which seems a bit excessive but what the regulations might require?



  1. guildy

    That’s certainly a way to do it if you prefer and there could be no argument if you gave a copy to each individual tenant.

    However, my view is that if there is one attached to the joint and several tenancy agreement like we do now along with a checklist of documents that all tenants sign to say they have received, I believe that to be sufficient. Where there are multiple tenants, we only give one tenancy agreement for them all and yet it is equally a tenancy agreement for them individually. I believe the same principle applies to the gas safety.

    However, I also agree with your comments and it’s good advice to give multiple certificates at commencement (and your plumber could leave multiple copies if they wish).

  2. JungleProperty

    Thank you for the prompt response. Since we get all tenants to sign for the GSR during the Check-In and given your point about the single copy of the Tenancy Agreement I think we will just issue one copy. Much appreciated as ever.

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