Preventing Controlling and Recovering Rent Arrears (England)

If tenant runs away owing rent

2 Feb 2018 | 3 comments

Hi, If a tenant fails to pay rent in the last months of his tenancy then moves out without giving his new address is there any way to find his new address so that CCJ can be issued? If he had been sending rent payments to my bank, is there not a way to trace him for example?



  1. guildy

    Without a guarantor, it can be difficult. If there is a guarantor, they can be pursued and you should be successful.

    You could check the application form they completed before moving in. Ours for example asks for a next of kin.

    Furthermore, if there is a deposit, check the prescribed information for the post tenancy contact information. This is a legal requirement and should include an address. Our application form asks for this information so it can be inserted into the prescribed information at the time of granting the tenancy.

    Otherwise, try searching the internet for a “tracing agent”. They may be able to locate a new address for you.

  2. Jackson

    Thanks, if the tenant fails to vacate owing rent and a CCJ is applied for against the tenants using the address of my property and granted by the court, the CCJ should stick to the tenants even if they move out?

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