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Implications of allowing tenant to run B&B

8 Aug 2016 | 1 comment

Tenant wants to let out one room in large house as a B&B – what are the implications or things the landlord should consider before giving consent?


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  1. guildy

    I think as long as you are using one of our later tenancy agreements which allow consent for a “home business” you should be okay.

    A “home business” is defined as:

    a business of a kind which might reasonably be carried on at home.

    But, it must not involve the consumption of alcohol from the premises and so that must be part of any consent you give.

    Have a read of this article about the new legislation and if satisfied a b&b falls into it (which I think it does) then I see no problem.

    Our latest tenancy agreements contain the appropriate clauses that would allow you to give consent and be protected from becoming a commercial tenancy.

    Just make sure the consent you give includes appropriate conditions. For example, it must be for holidays only and no permanent residence by the customers.

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