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increase in rent for flatshare where all bills are included

14 Dec 2017 | 2 comments

I am seeking to raise the rent from the January rental payment from separate tenants, 52 weeks since the last increase.
1. All bills are included, so I wonder if I do not complete the part on bills in Section 13, the two separate tenants can reject the S. 13 notice as invalid ?

  1. Your “Form 4” has 18 notes following it. Is it obligatory to print out these 18 notes and hand them to each sharer ? The sharers started before 1/10/2017. If they are not given these notes, is the notice invalid ?
  2. If I simply write a letter notifying the rent increase, as you suggest, what if they do not reply before the one month’s notice and then on the rent day, do not pay the higher rent ? Would I have to issue the S.13 notice then, i.e. wasting a month.
    Thanks in advance

Thanks in advance



  1. guildy

    If the separated amounts for bills (council tax, water rates etc.) are not specified in the tenancy, you can leave those as nil on the form. The bills are then being paid in a similar way to buildings insurance for example (i.e. just an expense of the business).

    The notes are obligatory. The form is prescribed by Parliament and must be provided exactly as is.

    You would loose a month if you just write a letter and the tenant didn’t agree the increase. A section 13 notice is the only way to increase the rent without the tenants prior agreement.

  2. green123

    Thanks for this information. I have decided not to issue a S.13 notice as one of the two sharers is an accountant and is determined that it goes to arbitration. I have read elsewhere of both sides having barristers to represent them. Apart from the cost and time, the stress to me is the worst. I am sure the accountant has a much higher income than mine.
    To avoid issuing a S. 13 notice. I shall just issue a S. 21 notice and see the back of him. The trouble is, if he leaves with arrears of rent, is that despite numerous reminders, he will not provide me with his full name, date and place of birth and home address and contact details. I returned his deposit.

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