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19 Jul 2018 | 1 comment

Your letter template states that LL can use the key to enter if they are not there, can you do this and actually enter?


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  1. guildy

    Yes, as long as they’ve had at least 24 hours notice in writing. You need to be sure they’ve got the letter to do that though (so hand delivery or ordinary post allowing at least 4 days to be delivered).

    However, if they get in touch and say that you shouldn’t enter, then you can’t. Also, if when you arrive the door is locked from the inside (perhaps still in bed for example), again you mustn’t enter as that’s effectively a refusal.

    Notwithstanding all of that, it’s an implied term into all tenancies that the landlord may enter to inspect for the need of repair or, to carry out a repair upon giving at least 24 hours notice in writing. Your tenancy agreement will also cover other reasons for entry.

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