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Internal flood causing disruption to tenants.

20 Feb 2017 | 1 comment

Our flat has suffered from an internal flood in the building, it has taken 7 weeks to make good under the freeholders buildings insurance, all essential services were maintained and flat declared fit for habitation through out. Insurance only covers the work and the energy. What are the landlords responsibilities in terms of making a good will payment/compensation to the tenants for the reduced usage of the flat and the disruption they experienced. How do you arrive at an amount to pay.


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  1. guildy

    This has been dealt with over telephone.

    For the benefit of others, please see this article which explains there isn’t necessarily any compensation due if the works were done with reasonable expedition.

    From what was described to me from your phone call, I agree with the conclusion around £700 – £800 is perfectly generous and acceptable for the works described. (If they argue, we would submit nothing is due to them).

    Note: we have received your further email and will consider its contents later.

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