Is my Tenancy Agreement legal?

by | 24 May 2018

I used an Estate Agent to draw up a tenancy agreement and find tenants.
When the Agreement was drawn up, they put my address (the Landlord) as c/o the Estate Agents.
They did not manage the Property.
The tenants have refused to pay the full rent claiming the Agreement is void because they have not been given my address.
They have always communicated by email and text message with me so if there was ever a concern it could have always been put in writing.
Am I entitled to the rental shortfall or have they got a case?


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  1. guildy

    It is correct that where a landlord has failed to provide an address in England or Wales where notices will be accepted, no rent is payable.

    Firstly, you have provided an address because presumably if something was sent to the agent, they would have forwarded it.

    In any event, you can service a section 48 notice now and all past rent becomes due.

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