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Is the landlord obliged to furnish a tenant with a copy of a damp survey they have paid for?

17 Mar 2021 | 1 comment

In a nutshell, the tenants have complained of damp/mould since September last year. The landlord sends his builder round and each time, he gives them the condensation talk. They do nothing to help the situation. They have now claimed to have complained to the council (who have told me they aren’t carrying out surveys during covid)

The landlord paid £250 for a damp survey to be carried out 2 weeks ago, lo and behold, it is condensation, not damp. I have written to the tenants to say the landlord will, as a gesture of goodwill, pay for cleaners to wash all walls down (he wants to minimise the damage and try to preserve his property) and install a bathroom extractor fan, improve loft insulation if required and fit trickle vents to windows.

The tenant is requesting a copy of the damp survey. Reading previous information relating to this, as it is usually the tenants’ responsibility to prove they are not to blame for mould, I don’t see how the landlord can be obliged to provide a copy of his paid for survey or am I wrong?


The cleaner also sent me a photo of at least 15 different visible mounds of dog faeces in the back garden (patio) so there’s an indication of their attitude to cleanliness.


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  1. guildy

    We agree with you that there’d be no “requirement” to give the tenant the report.

    However, we can’t think of any reason why the landlord wouldn’t “want” to.

    If action were to be taken against the tenant (for example deduction from the deposit), the report would have to be supplied as evidence. Not sure what difference it makes in giving it now or later.

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