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Is there something tenant could sign to end their tenancy

21 Feb 2018 | 1 comment

Hi, My tenant’s AST agreement ends in a few days, they have just told me they have found a new place and are going to move out in 2 weeks (I had planned to file Section 21 at the court next week) – this COULD be the start of some delay tactics by them to stop me filing the case but it may be genuine. Is there anything you can recommend that I could get them to sign that effectively ‘gives up’ the tenancy on the date that have said that they are moving out? Thanks


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  1. guildy

    There is nothing that can be taken that would avoid a court order being required. Even if they said in writing (in whatever form) they were leaving on x date but then didn’t, a court order would be required.

    Therefore, you could get an email from them confirming the arrangement if you wish but you wouldn’t rely upon it and would just carry on with the section 21.

    It’s difficult to know whether they are delaying or it’s genuine!

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