Changing the Rent (England)

Issuing a Section 13

8 Sep 2016 | 1 comment

I have advised tenant in writing that there will be a rent increase – gave 7 weeks notice. She is on periodic agreement. However, I have since discovered that I should have got tenant to sign the letter. She is not happy about the rent increase and I suspect she will not pay it, and probably knows her rights.

The rent increase is due to take effect from 1st October. Would it be best if I just issued a section 13 tomorrow giving a months notice from tomorrows date?

Are we within our rights to change monthly payment to calander month instead of four weekly to coincide with housing benefit payments?



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  1. guildy

    You can serve the section 13 notice anytime after the fixed term has ended. It will need to be at least a calendar month in length and also the rent increase must start on a rent day. Therefore, you will have to calculate the next rent due date after one calendar month from when you serve the notice.

    Any increase in housing benefit will only be looked at during the tenants 52 week renewal period.

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