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Joint and Several Tenancies (Wales) | Tenant Moves Out (Wales)

Joint tenants, one wants to end tenancy

21 Apr 2017 | 1 comment

we have joint tenants one of whom has moved out and wants to cease responsibility and has served notice. The tenancy was initially from 9th October 2016 and is for monthly payment. It is badly in arrears and we have a court date of 2nd May for possible eviction following a section 8 notice. To make things more entertaining it appears that the other tenant is not living there but the flat is still full of their goods. Can she actually serve notice without the other party and I assume that if allowed to give notice it must be a months notice from the 9th May?


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  1. guildy

    Assuming you’re now running periodic in the tenancy, one tenant can give notice which actually ends the entire tenancy for all of them. As the court proceedings are ongoing I suppose it doesn’t make much difference.

    Although they may give notice on any date, it must expire (the date they are leaving) either day before the rent is due or on the day the rent is due and be at least a month in length (assuming monthly rent).

    Please see this article for full details.

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