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Landlord access on day agreement expires

24 Aug 2016 | 1 comment

My tenant has given notice to move out this Friday 26th. And I’ve had to rearrange a Gas check for this Friday 26th before my new tenants move in (4 Sep) – as the current tenant was out despite agreeing the time/date of the first check. She will have had 7 days’ notice of the second visit.

At what point can I re-enter my house without her permission? Being pessimistic – I’m thinking if she still hasn’t moved out fully when the gas engineer arrives or she says she hasn’t got somewhere to go (and I need to get the gas check done anyway by 28th ) and she’s being difficult about letting an engineer in.


1 Comment

  1. guildy

    This all depends how you worded the letter. If the letter was awaiting a response / confirmation then you would have to wait for that response.

    However, if your letter says along the lines “if you’re not in we will use our keys to enter” then it’s okay to do that without a response unless they get in contact and say that you can’t go in (in which case you mustn’t enter under any circumstances).

    Our gas inspection notice uses this method and doesn’t seek “permission” as such.

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