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28 Aug 2016 | 2 comments

Camden Council London last year decided that all dwellings in multiple occupation throughout the borough should be registered. Amongst the facilities that a bedroom in such a dwelling must have is 8 (EIGHT) 13A electrical sockets.

Can you please advise me of the following:
The statutory basis for the number 8
How I can download Building Regs Part P or BS 7671 without having to pay for them.



  1. guildy

    I’m not entirely sure I disagree with the number they are seeking. That’s only 4 double sockets and in all our properties (which don’t require a licence) we put a minimum of 6 doubles (12 13A sockets) in every room (more in a kitchen if there is room). It should be a fairly simple task to put another double socket next to one already in place so if there are currently two sockets, just another two next to them should be sufficient for their requirements (unless they ask for something extra).

    One of the largest causes of fires in homes is overloaded sockets with lots of extensions running from only one or two in a room. Having a minimum of 4 doubles massively prevents this from being a problem.

    To my knowledge part 8 doesn’t stipulate any set number in any set room. It is a decision to be based on the room size, use and customers instructions.

    I’m not aware of anywhere where the regs can be downloaded for free.

    • rayhunter

      Thank you.

      Ray Hunter The Twern Ledbury HR8 2RD 01531 670980 or poor signal 07779 251896

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