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Legionella risk assessment template: thermostatic mixer shower does not reach 50deg C

8 Apr 2017 | 1 comment

I’ve been trying out the legionella risk assessment iAuditor template in a couple of our properties. A number of the properties have thermostatic mixer showers. The mixed ‘hot’ on these showers will not rise above 45deg C for safety reasons. The hot supply pipe is concealed in the wall, so cannot be measured directly.

The risk assessment requires the water temperature to reach at least 50deg C.

What is the advice when testing these types of showers?


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  1. guildy

    This is where a basic understanding of the system in the property is needed.

    In virtually all cases, the hot water providing the shower will be from the same source as the other outlets such as the bath hot tap for example.

    If you are certain of that, you can just enter the temperature but still mark the outlet as green (over 50 degrees). This is because you know the hot going in to the mixer is at the appropriate temperature. You then make a note in the outlet notes section explaining that although the temperature was below, the reasons for the recording of acceptable.

    Please see our guidance page which has a few tips and advice like your question.

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