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Legionella – Unoccupied property

26 Apr 2021 | 2 comments

Property tenanted but currently unoccupied until June.  Cleaner goes every week to check it.

Usual periodic tests of water temperature done on Saturday showed:

cold outlets well under 20 deg C;

hot water outlets 38 – 43 deg C after hot water tank heated for 7o mins.

When flat occupied,  the water is capable of reaching over 50 deg C from all hot water outlets.  But insufficient time for immersion to heat tank to 50+ when cleaner is there.

  1. Must I have someone go to set heater time switch to ensure water always at 50 plus?  That will entail possibly several visits to check it.  And tenant might not want to pay for electricity.

2. Or can I warn cleaner not to use hot water from tap, but to boil kettle instead?

3. And should I recommend she wears mask when using cold water?
















  1. guildy

    The problem is when water is stored.

    You could turn off the water and then drain the hot water entirely.

    Then, when they return, they just need to turn water back on which will fill the system and there’ll have been no storage in-between.

  2. Danny

    Thank you for your reply.

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