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Legionellas assesement cardiff standard 3-5 bed terraced HMO student houses less than 90 years old

24 Nov 2016 | 1 comment

Agent informs me that assessment is required every 12 months or each time a tenancy is changed, whichever is the sooner. A certificate must be obtained. Agent informs me that this is a “requirement” even though it is not yet a legal requirement. Agent cannot provide link or paperwork to show where this specific requirement is stipulated in law or local authority documents. The properties do not have water tanks for drinking water, they have combination boilers for hot water. I have pointed out to the agents as the tenants are students then the highest risk would come from the non moving water in the whole pipe work due to taps possibly not having been run for several months, in which case they should make sure the tenants are advised to run all taps and shower for 10 minutes on arriving at their house after a long period of absence. Any comments or advice appreciated.


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  1. guildy

    This became law in 2013 (or at least the code of practice accompanying the law was changed in 2013 to include all properties with a supply of water). Therefore, this should have already been done by now.

    A risk assessment doesn’t need doing annually, it is for the assessor to determine an appropriate length and generally it would need doing again on some significant change (e.g. change of boiler).

    The occupiers aren’t really relevant because it can affect all persons (but you are right that the more vulnerable the higher the chance).

    It wouldn’t need doing at each change of tenancy but as part of the ongoing assessment, an inspection would be needed at each letting just to make sure the previous tenant hasn’t turned the hot water temperature down or done anything else that may affect the earlier assessment.

    The tenants should be advised to do certain things such as running outlets weekly and cleaning the shower head quarterly (or at the rate of fouling).

    Please see our in-depth guidance where there is also a template included in your subscription for a free app to do the assessment yourself. You would need to do more research to be “competent” but with sufficient training and understanding, you could do it yourself.

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