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Length of Tenancy

12 Apr 2016 | 1 comment

I usually only offer 6 or 12 month rolling tenancies. Is it feasible to offer a longer term AST of up to 3 years? Reason for asking if have some prospective tenants who are willing to pay good extra over the market rent for long term security of tenure.


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  1. guildy

    You can create an AST for any length you like.

    If it’s going to be “greater” than 3 years it needs to be made as a deed which is fine with out agreements as long as the signatures are witnessed by somebody who is not a party to the contract. To avoid trouble ensure it is made 3 years less a day (all tenancies should be the period less a day).

    Have in mind if they are troublesome you will not be able to evict them until expiry of the term. Rent arrears are straightforward to evict during the term but other breaches such as noise or general anti-social behaviour are next to impossible during the term.

    We would therefore strongly recommend the maximum term be six months and then allow the tenancy to roll on.

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