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Letting a room in a property purchased for my student son to live in

22 Mar 2016 | 1 comment

We are purchasing a property in the city where my son attends University. The intention is that he will live in our property whilst at University and let the second bedroom to one of his friends. What form of contract should we use for his friend who will have his own bedroom but share the living room/ kitchen area and bathroom?


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  1. guildy

    This depends how you want to do the letting.

    If you are going to be the landlord of the second person, you would grant an AST for the room only.

    Alternatively, your son could be the landlord and then your son could just give the occupier a lodger agreement (excluded licence agreement on our website). Although a gas safety is still required with a lodger agreement, almost nothing else applies (deposit does not need protecting for example). Also the lodger has few rights regarding possession and notice from the landlord.

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