Licensing of Private Rented Properties (England)

Licensing period and charge

13 Feb 2017 | 2 comments

My property (one bed flat in a HA block let to a couple) has been involved in a selective licensing scheme. Despite arguments with council that KPIs will not fit (HA block is exempt) they have got the £500 licence fee out of me which I believed was for 5 years. Now, have got the licence through and is just for 3 years. Have challenged them on this and they say it’s because it’s due to the time period the licensing period started (i.e.2015-2020)- is that correct can they do this? I feel cheated enough that i have been included in this scheme let alone now being charged this amount for a lesser time period. Thoughts?



  1. guildy

    A licence can be for anything up to 5 years.

    It therefore depends whether there was some misleading information or advertising. If there was, a formal complaint could be made. All local authorities must have a complaints procedure so you need to check their website. Ultimately, after following their procedure, it would go to the ombudsman who are independent.

    Another point for consideration is whether the fee is apportioned accordingly? It wouldn’t seem fair to me if you paid the same fee as those who have a 5 year licence (although many authorities do offer an early adoption reduced fee which is lawful and fair in our view).

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