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Looking After The Property

3 Jul 2018 | 1 comment

We recently attended one of our properties to carry out some repair works due to a burst pipe, this was arranged with the tenant in advance and we had permission to enter the property using our own keys, however on the visit we noticed the property is not being cared for to an acceptable standard. The fridge/freezer has not been defrosted in quite some time, this has caused excessive ice to build up around the freezer door and to not close properly causing the appliance to not functioning correctly. There is also black mold forming around the windows, this has been caused by condensation when drying wet clothes in an unventilated area, the tenant is not opening windows and is not using the extractor fans provided. A clothes dryer is also available in the property. A number of items have also been damaged or broken, none of which have been reported to us by the tenant and the property is generally being left in an unacceptable condition. Please can you advise if we can write to the tenant on this occasion to state our observations or do we have to inform the tenant separately that we wish to carry out a property inspection?


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  1. guildy

    We don’t see there’s any need for an extra visit. You were there for genuine reasons.

    Your letter can explain anything mentioned was only as a result of observations whilst doing the work and that you didn’t look anywhere else (this also covers you if there’s anything else you didn’t see).

    We have a template here although it will need editing from “inspection” to above.

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